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Shipyard Incense Match Box

Shipyard Incense Match Box

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You stand in the shadow of the great cranes. Cool sea air from the harbour meets the breeze that sweeps down from the hills, trailing fern and wild gorse.

It swirls around the mighty ship that waits; longing for the sea. Then drifts out and away - a gentle tide of woodsmoke, worn-in leather and amber.

Amber | Woodsmoke | Sea Salt 

Set your cone on the base of your incense burner. Light the tip of the cone and allow to burn for 15 seconds, then blow out. Place the top of your incense burner back on the base and enjoy your shipyard incense. 

Box contains 8 hand rolled incense cones and 10 luxury matches. 


Box dimensions 9cm x 5cm x 2cm 

Can be used as an individual product or as as refills for your Wee Cottage or Titanic incense burner. 

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