Scorched Earth Designs is a graphic design company specializing in laser engraving and cutting. We are able to cut and engrave on a wide variety of different materials. We will always do our absolute best and are more than happy to advise on the suitability of any product design and customisation. If we can do it, we will!  

As our customer you have the freedom to be as creative as you want –  we are able to work with highly detailed design ideas

Please contact our talented team to discuss your requirements and ideas, from a one off design, to a production run and everything in between.

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Our design process is simple, we start with a conversation, this becomes a sketch which in turn is digitally reconstructed on our software. Once we have the artwork drafted we send a copy or ‘proof’ to you the client. If any adjustments are required these are implemented and then signed off for the engraving stage.

laser engraving

When laser engraving the material is heated by the laser beam. Depending on the exposure time, a distinct contrast can be created as the colour changes and as the material is burned away in a highly controlled manner. The achieved laser engraving result is a very crisp, clean looking and permanent marking, which will also be very resistant to abrasion.


This is the standard laser engraving process. This process uses a graphic built from pixels which is engraved line by line, point by point. This process is ideal for engraving graphics and logos on to various different materials, with great results.


Vector engraving, on the other hand uses graphics consisting of curves and lines that are traced one after the other “vector by vector”. These are engraved at the same time. Another common name for vector engraving is “scoring”.

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