Everwild candles are made from eco-friendly, sustainably sourced soy wax and scented with high quality, vegan & cruelty free fragrance oils. We use cotton wicks for a long lasting clean and even burn. These 180ml candles burn for around 35 hours

When purchasing one of these candles, you are also planting one tree in the Amazon Rainforest. We are reforestation partners with One Tree Planted and believe small changes make a huge difference. When purchasing our triple wick candles, we will plant 2 trees!


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Our best-selling scent. It’s warm and inviting blend of Cedarwood, Orange, Patchouli and Musk is the perfect, calming scent for any home.


This beautiful woody blend of Rose Wood, Cardamom, Oud Wood, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Tonka Bean and Amber is soft and sultry, it creates a wonderful atmosphere and fills a room with its warm aroma.


A gorgeous, awakening blend of Coconut Milk, Cinnamon, Jasmin, Sandalwood, Cedar, Musk & Vanilla. A beautiful, sweet and woody aroma to wake you up in the morning.


A stroll through the woods just as dusk is turning into night, with a peppery yet fruit blend of Lime, Basil, White Thyme and Mandarin, this scent is perfect for those who love a citrus burst but nothing too sweet.


This ocean scent is an invigorating blend of Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Cedar and Musk, leaving you feeling refreshed.


This fresh and floral burst of Pineapple, Lime, Lavender, Parma Violet, Gardinia, Lily, Rose, Iris, Amber, Orange Blossom and Precious Wood is the perfect scent to leave your home smelling fresh as a daisy.


Let Summer Solstice whisk you away to a tropical island! With an exotic blend of Amber, Bergamot, Vanilla & Orange, this is the ultimate summer scent!


Picnics in the garden, a good book amonth wildflowers, or maybe just a peaceful moment listening to the birds….this classic blend of English Pear, Freesia, Amber, Patchouli & White Musk is the most beautiful reminder of the joy Spring brings!


There’s nothing more mesmerising then a summer storm. Listening in bed with the window open, dancing in the cool, summer rain and the way the sky darkens and the eery silence before the thunder roars. This dark blend of Black Cardamom, Smoky Vanilla & Musk is the perfect way to welcome the beauty Mother Nature brings.


This year Strawberry Moon falls on June 14th and marks the ripening of June-bearing strawberries, the ultimate summer fruit! This full moon is seen to bring good luck, love and prosperity, making it the perfect time to manifest your greatest desires. This sweet and fruit blend of Strawberry, Lily, Gardinia, Jasmin & Violet is perfect if you love a sweeter scent.


On a clear, summer night, there’s nothing more relaxing then laying on soft grass and gazing up at the stars. Our calming blend of Lavender, Neroli & Herbs will help create a peaceful spaceto help you unwind, feel relaxed and help to promote a restful night sleep.


~Candle Care~

It’s really important to burn your candle properly, it will make your candle last longer and give a better scent throw. On the first burn, burn for 3-4 hours. This ensures an even melt pool so that the wax burns evenly on future burns. Trim the wick before you light, this helps prevent mushrooming and sooting. ​Leave at least 5 hours between each burn to give the wax time to reset. Keep the lid on once it’s cooled to keep daily dust away. Please see below the descriptions of all our Scents

Always burn your candle on a heat resistant surface. We recommend one of our coasters as the glass can get very hot whilst burning. Never use the lid as a coaster as the aluminium lid can cause the glass to crack.